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Cerwin-Vega CVA-28X Dual 8" 3-Way Active Tri-Amp PA Speaker

The CVA-28 is an extremely versatile dual 8" active full-range speaker system from Cerwin-Vega. The compact CVA-28 is easy to configure to meet a variety of different sound reinforcement applications. With three built-in amplifiers that are optimized for the speakers performance, the CVA-28 pumps out 400 watts of continuous power/ 800 watts peak power and reliably delivers a very rich and robust sound.

While impressive on its own, the Cerwin-Vega Active Series subwoofers are complemented by the CVA-28. Like its subwoofer partners, the CVA-28 is a totally integrated, matched, and optimized active speaker system that provides powerful sound in a small, modular package. The system configuration starts with an innovative, 3 way, dual 8" design. The dual 8 configuration was chosen for optimized directivity and to provide high performance in a small package. The custom designed Cerwin-Vega drivers also provide superior power handling, tight bass and refi ned mid-range. Finally, a compression driver is placed in the center of the top woofer in a concentric configuration. This design provides time-aligned high frequencies for incredible detail and imaging.

Matched to this impressive transducer array is a 400 watt integrated 3-way amplifier. With 800 watts peak output, the amplifier circuitry also boasts several helpful user features. Start with a dedicated EQ contour switch optimized for high SPL situations. This feature greatly enhances speaker sound quality by reducing unwanted frequencies at high SPLs. This equalization control is the result of testing in real world environments with industry experts. A Sub/No Sub switch allows users to roll off the low end when used with a dedicated subwoofer, eliminating competing frequencies in the system. Access to the amplifi cation section is available through microphone, line, and instrument inputs through XLR and quarter inch connectors. These flexible input choices let you choose how you use the system: PA, satellite speaker, or instrument source. System status is communicated by a series of four LEDs that provide direct feedback on important information such as signal and power.

As with other members of the Cerwin-Vega Active Series, the CVA-28 provides superior flexibility and upgradeability. The CVA-28 can be mounted or installed in a myriad of ways thanks to integrated fl y points, fly kits, pole mounts, and dual and triple speaker mount accessories. Cerwin-Vega hardware accessories let users create a mini fl yable array, or create an expandable system with Cerwin-Vega subwoofers, allowing the CVA-28 to cover venues from intimate to large. The available speaker mounting systems allows up to three CVA-28 speakers to be horizontally arrayed. And there is no need to guess on how to angle the CVA-28s on top of a CVA subwoofer, since the dual and triple speaker mount accessories provide guide pins for optimized array angles, guaranteeing best SPL and overall performance from your CVA-28 array.

With or without its CVA subwoofer partners, the CVA-28 is just the best sounding active full range speaker in its class. Whether it's hip hop, jazz, bluegrass or rock and roll, the CVA-28 provides the performance, power and fl exibility you just can't find elsewhere. If you're looking for an upgradeable and accurately voiced speaker as part of your performance arsenal, the CVA-28 is the way to go.

Power handling
400 watts continuous/800 watts peak
Frequency response 70 Hz - 20 kHz (±3 dB)
Frequency range
60 Hz - 20 kHz (-10 dB)
128 dB
Input connectors
XLR/F balanced 1/4" TRS
Output connectors
XLR/M 1/4" TRS
Nominal beam (dispersion)
50° horizontal, 50° vertical
Voice coil
34 mm HF, 2" MLF, 2" LF
Front dimensions
11" x 20" (279 x 520 mm)
Rear dimensions
8" x 12" (216 x 305 mm)
48 lbs. (21.8 kg)

Product Specifications
  • Speaker TypeActive / Powered
  • ConfigurationFull-Range PA Speaker
  • Woofer Size8"
Cerwin-Vega CVA-28X Dual 8" 3-Way Active Tri-Amp PA Speaker
  • BrandCerwin-Vega
  • ModelCVA-28X
  • Part Number246-400
  • UPC743658900895
  • Product CategoryPA Speaker Systems
  • Unit of MeasureEA
  • Product Rating
    (1 Reviews)
  • Weight54 lbs.
  • California Prop 65

    Warning: California residents only. Please note per Proposition 65 that this product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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